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Director of Golf



We are excited to welcome Bob Kennedy, our Director of Golf, to the Van Patten Golf Club family. With a passion for golf that dates back to his earliest memories and a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in the industry, Bob brings a unique blend of expertise, enthusiasm, and dedication to fostering memorable golf experiences.

"I've been working in the golf industry since I was a little kid," shares Bob. "I remember going up to the pro as a tiny guy and saying, 'I want to do what you do, I want to be a golf pro.' His advice to me was, 'You better like people.' I try very hard to make a relationship with everybody I meet."

Bob's journey into the world of golf began with a spark ignited by his father, leading him to a caddy job in Vermont where his love for the game took off. "My father, a non-golfer, got me a job as a caddy at a course in Manchester, Vermont, where I instantly fell in love with being around the game."

His teaching philosophy revolves around simplicity, emphasizing a shorter backswing, pinpointing the impact, and follow-through as key elements in propelling the golf ball down the target line.

Bob's vision for Van Patten includes enhancing the golfing experience through state-of-the-art aboutGOLF simulators, providing golfers a haven for lessons, leagues, and social gatherings, even when time doesn't permit a round on the course.



Moreover, Bob is committed to elevating the Van Patten experience. From the pro shop's warm welcome to the impeccable course conditions and seamless pace of play, he aims to create an atmosphere that will leave a lasting, positive impression on our golfers.

"From the moment a golfer enters the pro shop to when they leave, my mission is to create an enjoyable experience, friendly staff, and great golf course conditions... When a golfer leaves with a smile, telling stories of the fun they had, that's my measurement stick of success.

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